Aspiring Students for the Umaru Musa
Yar’adua University, Katsina (UMYU)
who are yet to see their names on the UMYU 1st Admission List for
2012/2013 can now check their names on the 2nd Admission list released by the institution just moments ago.
UMYU has further released 432 names
on this 2nd batch of admission list and
they are definitely available for you
to check for free.
To start checking the 2nd admission list, you can start by visiting the
admission list page at;
second_admlist.php .
Once the page loads up, scroll down
and check for your name on the list.
When you are done checking the 1st
page, click on the “Next” link at the
bottom of the page until you have check till the last page.
If for any reason, you will like to
check the previous page, click on
“Previous” at the bottom of the page.
For successfully admitted fresh
students, the date for the commencement of registration and
other procedures will be posted soon.
Our SMS alerts subscribers will also
receive an alert once the school starts
Goodluck to you as you check and don’t forget to share this information
with your friends on facebook and
twitter, using the buttons provided