Students of the suspended medical
school of the University of Abuja took
to the streets on Monday to demand
an immediate transfer to other
institutions. The students numbering over 50
alleged that they were deceived by
the institution’s Vice- Chancellor, Prof.
James Adelabu. President of the University of Abuja
Medical Students Association, Mr. Uche
Anyanwu, who led the protest to the
premises of the Ministry of Education,
said they were led into believing that
facilities at the Medical School would be ready for accreditation by the
relevant authorities within six months. Anyawu said, “We are here to see the
Minister of Education based on the
agreement we had on April 12, 2012. “It was agreed that the VC would put
things in order within two to three
months and maximum six months
and we were to report back to the
Minister within three months if nothing
was happening in the University. “Nothing is happening and that is
why we are here to report to the
minister that nothing is happening in
the University of Abuja and the
Medical Students are saying that we
want to be transferred to other accredited medical schools because
we are stranded. “This is tantamount to homicide,
keeping students in 300 level for the
past seven years, we are tired.” Neither the Minister nor any member
of staff of the ministry was on hand to
receive the students.