The 2nd Batch of Admitted Students into Babcock
University has been released by the school. FULL ONLINE REGISTRATION for new students
begins on 27th August and ends 31st August,
2012 at Babcock University. ORIENTATION for ALL new students: 20th-24th
August, 2012 in the University. Please NOTE: The last online screening for
2012/2013 admissions will hold on 16th August,
2012 in Babcock University, Abuja, Lagos and
Owerri screening centres. Screening begins at 9:00
a.m. at each centre. Please see details on
application, registration and online screenings at All Batch A candidates who have paid the
acceptance fees of N210,000 into e-tranzact
platform are required to ensure that they transfer
the acceptance fees into Babcock University
account, by using the payment access information
already sent to them. This completes the payment process. Batch A candidates who have not
received their payment access information are
requested to send requests for same to, using fresh e-mail
addresses, with their names written in capitals
(surnames first). Full or partial fees must be paid before registration is allowed and before
accommodation is allocated. If you need to check the 2nd Batch Admission list
for Babcock right now, visit http://
option=com_content&view=category&id=91&Itemid=261 . Once you are on the page, read every instructions
and scroll down to the bottom to check each
departmental list as displayed. Goodluck!