Today we are going to discuss a very
important topic as pertains to both your
social, economic, academic, and religious
lifes. You will be stunted in skill
acquisition and learning without friends.
Friendship is like a gift, friends stand for
you in places you can’t, they teach you
things you care to know, and even ones
you care not, friends will correct your
faults, hide your shame and be with you
all times, they can represent you where
you can’t be at some points in time, even
if you have some issues; never exaggerate
your faults. Your friends will attend to
Over the years, a lot of us have had need
to do something in some campuses across
the country. It may be in the form of
getting study materials, getting
admission information, registering for
examination, post UTME, it may be in
form of connecting for business, sharing
ideas, or even dating. But how could you
meet a friend in, say UNILAG when you
are in UNIPORT? Myschoolcomm has the
Myschoolcomm has a friend-matching
platform that is so rich, I would say its
far better than facebook. The problem
here is ignorance; people don’t know that
such things exist. But today you will
How “Connect2Me” works/How to use it
1. Log into your account on, don’t have one yet?
Get account here free.
2. Navigate to the “Connect2Me” menu.
3. Click on “Find a companion in school”.
4. You will see a page containing the
snapshot attached to this page. and there
you go!
5. Enter your search criteria; i.e: Choose
the person’s;
-Gender (sex)
-Age range.
6. Click on the “connect2me button” and
there you are!
The connect2me program will list all
profiles that match your search, and
there you have the option of contacting
any of them through Inbox (i.e. “PM”).
Try this and give your testimony below if
you like what Myschoolcomm is doing to
make life easier for you as a student.