The license for operation of all campuses of
Madonna University (Okija and Elele), along
side five other private universities was
suspended by the Nigerian University
Commission early July, 2012.
According to the commission, the
suspension was aimed at correcting some
abnormalities ongoing in these institutions
as concerned with course accreditation,
Students welfare, and so on. The efforts of
the NUC however was misunderstood as
managements of the affected institutions
retorted to the media to claim that the NUC
officials is against the schools.
Some students of Madonna University
claimed that the NUC was interested in
receiving bribes which their school
management was not ready to pay. These
false claims made the public misunderstood
the good intent of the Commission to “right
the wrongs” in the schools.
Thank God the NUC did not relent, they
continued to press on the schools to
improve on standards and now the
students are benefiting. Below are the
recent changes in Madonna University
1. No More Fines: Before now students pay
fine for any offense or any act of stepping
wrong against the rules or regulation. It
was also rumoured that students pay fine
for absence to church services, quarrel/
fight with fellow students, etc. As it stands
now, no more fine in Madonna University.
2. No more living under closed gate 24hrs:
Before the intervention by NUC, Madonna
University is like prison yard, students are
under lock and key 24hrs of the day,
depriving them of their freedom to right of
expression. That has stopped! Thanks to
3. NO More Bank Charges: It was said that
Students of this school spend unnecessarily
in the school community bank, an amount
not paid to banks as commission in any
university campus in Nigeria. It was only in
Madonna that the amount of Bank Charges
payable is proportional to the amount being
paid by the student. For instance, A fee of
N1000 attracts bank charge of N200, N5000
attracts N400, etc.
Also a popular woman that is part of the
students problems in the Elele campus of
the university identified as Aunty Philo has
been removed. Every student of this school
should know about Aunty Philo.
The Nigerian Students express their
gratitude to the management of the NUC for
such rescue operation in Madonna. The
students pray and hope you visit more
schools to restore normality.
Below is a text message being shared and
spread by Madonna Students as a sign of
Joy for their aclaimed freedom. Read text in
quote below:
“Ds r my wishes 4 u:
May ur ways b opened & useful as
madonna main gate.
Wateva challenge u faze ll b brought low
as aunty philo.
Wat makes u financially broke shall b
outlawed as bankcharge & may heaven
intervene in ur case as nuc & fill u wt joy
as a madonite.dats d current situatn of fins
naw in skul, enjoy”
If you love freedom of students in schools
in Nigeria, share this with friends and say
no to students imprisonment!