Below is a guest letter submitted by a
Student of Ajayi Crowther University for
consideration by the school management.
Please I want to complain about Ajayi
Crowther University . We are pleading to the
Anglican Communion to please come to the
school and help we the students because
we are suffering.
1. All our roads are un-tarred and bad,
imagine a student wearing a neat shoe out
of your hostel only to get so dirty and
dusty before coming back after class.
2. There are no banks in the school, only 1
ATM is in the school and it does reject cards
or refuse to work at times.
3. There are inadequate classrooms in the
school. We are suffering.
4. The are a lot of bad lecturers in the
school . We would be glad if something can
be done about this speedily.
I know and believe the management can
help solve these problems for the entire
Posted by Anonymous,
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