Tho Nigeria University Commission visited
Madonna University earlier last month but
they never came to Engineering campus
I was wondering if the Commission didn’t know
that students are also in the Enugu Campus,
or they simply refused to come. We need help
here because all sorts of insects are feeding
on us.
The worst part is that no matter how we try
to convince our parents that we are in hell,
they don’t believe until they come
The last SIWES(IT) people paid a visit to
us,the lady said that she would never accept
to come to Enugu campus if anything would
ever make her go for SIWES supervision in
Madonna again. Can you beat that?
she said she was even scared thinking she was
being kidnapped while coming to that endless
road of our Engineering campus. The
Engineering campus is located about 1,hour
30minutes off the main road and the only
noise the students hear is their own noise. We
live here like Animals to be sincere.
This school is built on jungles of lies and if I
continue to write I may never finish. The
government of this country should open their
eyes and the youths should refuse not to be
brainwashed to coming to school here.
Madonna is not what you guys think. We that
are here feel like dropping out and seeking
for admission elsewhere and that I am about
to do.
I think EFCC should interrogate and arrest
whoever approved this dead zone as a
university. I wonder how much Father Edeh
has paid to by their conscience. This is not a
In conclusion, the management of the
Nigeria University Commission (NUC) should
please pay a surprise visit to this campus. This
would save the future of fellow Nigerian
Students being wasted here.
Long live great Nigerian Students, and much
thanks to Myschoolcomm for opening this
avenue for students to air their views. We
have been here dying in silence and pain.