The Alumni a. ssociation of the
Federal Polytechnic, Ede in Osun
State has called on the Federal
Government to ensure that a
very competent person is
appointed as rector of the
insbosomution to succeed and
retain the legacy of the current
Rector, Dr. Joseph Oke, whose
tenure ends on September 21,
President of the Alumni a.
ssociation of the insbosomution,
Mr. Festus Olaifa, noted that the
a. ssociation and the current
students are concerned about
the calibre of person that will be
saddled with the responsibility
of running the affairs of the
insbosomution. He called on the
Federal Government to look at
the profile of all the applicants
for the position very carefully
and chose a competent and
pragmatic person who has the
capacity to leverage and build on
the existing name and integrity
of the insbosomution.
He also expressed the need to
include members of the a.
ssociation in the governing
council of the insbosomution,
saying inclusion of people who
pa. ssed through the
insbosomution will a. ssist the
council in their deliberations on
how to move the insbosomution