22nd of August 2012 was a cloudy day at
Nsukka. The rain started in the wee hours of
the morning. However by 5:30am, it
seemed to have subsided. I took my bike to
St. Peters chaplaincy for the morning ma. ss.
The rain started drizzling heavily once more.
Since I had originals and photocopy of my
credentials in a brown envelope, I had to
take a taxi to the venue of interview.(I had
to ignore my bike at the church).
As an applicant computer scientist, I was
conveyed to Abuja building where I hoped
to find the physical science conference
room as indicated in the school’s portal.
To my dismay, a staff at the computer
science department told me the interview
will be at jimbazz building. Without no taxi
insight, i had to wait for the rain to reduce
its energy before i continued my journey.
At jimbazz, nobody seemed to know
anywhere as all the person i asked
regarding the conference knew not of its
Luck smiled on me when i met a fellow who
was there for the interview. He a. ssured me
i was in the right building since this was
where he had his first try last year.
My dear, with unn, transparency is the
order of the day.
As i waited for other candidates to arrive, i
feared that population may make the
interview last till evening.
Due to the rains and late arrival of the dean,
the interview started by 12:10am. In the
whole of physical science(7 departments),
only 17 candidates met the cut-off point; as
against the over eight hundred candidates
that sat for the examination.
All qualified candidates were called one
after the other to present their credential to
an eighteen-man panel comprising of the
dean, his secretary, all the HODs and their
secretary with the faculty officer and clerk.
It was indeed an intimidating panel but the
interview was just a show of credentials.
Those who scored below two hundred
thronged the place hoping to lobby their
way through or some luck that the cut-off
may be lowered; to thier chagrin, they had
to go home in downcast face under the
downpour as the panel would not hear of it.
We hope to hear the release of the
admission list for both direct entry and
Best of luck to you all