Registration for the 2012/2013 batch of
rememdial students in the Ladoka Akintola
University of Technology LAUTCH has
begun, and scheduled to end September,
7th 2012.
Acceptance Fee: =N= 15,000:00
Tuition Fee (Indigene): =N= 100,000:00
Tuition Fee (Non-Indigene): =N= 115,000:00
ICT Fee: =N= 11,500:00
All Fees are payable via the LAUTECH
InterSwitch Payment Integration Platform
Please note that a bank transaction charge
of =N=300:00 per transaction apply for all
InterSwitch payments.
Feel free to ask any question when you get
confused on the registration issue to avoid
Steps for successful registration
1. Click on “Portal Login” under the General
Menu. Login with your PDS Application Form
Number (i.e. PDS2012XXXXX) and the Pa.
ssword you created during the Application
Process on the next page. You will be
prompted to verify certain details after you
log in for the first time. You will be allowed
to change your details only once, make sure
they are in order before you then click on
“Click here to proceed”.
2. After successfully logging in to your
Portal account, you will see the steps you
need to take before you are given a Pre-
degree Number.
3. Please note, you will first have to make
your Acceptance Fee payment. After a
successful payment you are then expected
to proceed to the PDS complex for the
verification of your doreleaseent.
Doreleaseents to be verified may include O-
level certificate, State of origin form, Birth
certificate etc as well as others stated on
your admission letter.
4. After verification you can then proceed
to make your payments in this order:
Tuition Fee and then ICT Fee.
5. After all payments has been made
successfully, your payments will be verified
at the PDS complex and you will then be
given a Pre-degree Number.
Contact Lautech if need be
While we have done everything neccesary
to ensure a smooth payment/ registration
process, some exceptional situations may
occur. Should the situation persist, reach us
via listed contacts below:
Working Hours: 24 Hours a day, 7 Days a
Telephone: 038817377
Good luck.