Please b informed that minimum average
score for concessional admission into
courses in the Imo State University IMSU is
now out.
Find the cut-off marks below;
1.Law=240. Medicine=265. Nursing=260.
Ma. ss comm=250.
Accountancy=250. Economics=260.
B/F=220. Med lab=250.
Sociology=230. & GPD=250. HTM=180.
Insurance=180. MGT=210.
MKT=210. All Agric sc.=180. English
lang.=220. French=180. History=220.
LIng.igbo=180. Philosophy=180.
Religion=180. Theatre Arts=180. Fine
Arts=180. All Education=180. All Engineering
courses=180. All
Environmental courses=180.
Chemistry=180. Physics=180.
Statistics=180. Computer sc=200.
IMCB=180. MCB=200. Maths=180. LIbrary
Science=180. OPT=205.
A copy of this information is available in the
school notice board/admission office. You
will be informed when the admission list is