Guess report by a prospective Student.
With the euphoria of Direct-Entry interview,
and the earlier release post-graduate
admission list dwindling, the cubs
(applicants) of this prestigeous citadel have
roared with a mighty frequency that has
not only spurred the admission office into
action, but also triggered the uploading of
admitted cubs into the schools portals.
Report reaching us has it that cubs who are
pessimistic over their poor performance
shoul put on a sanguine face as they school
may borrow a leaf from EBSU when it
comes to cut-off mark. Don’t forget, EBSU
used some of UNN rejected questions for
their screening.
To keep the candle burning, I urge you all to
check the school portal on monday and
tuestay as good news awaits you, yes you;
I mean you touching your chest right now.
Happy weekend.