‘Going Green’ has increasingly become
important to more than just the average
consumer in the UK. Businesses and
Universities have been trying to make
changes throughout the years to do their
part for the Earth without compromising
the needs of the staff and students.
This year’s People & Plant awards have been
released and for 2012 they’ve chosen to
categorize universities into sub-leagues to
compare by peer group. Our student editor
Ashley brings you the results.
The 2012 People & Plant Green League
surveyed 145 universities throughout the
UK. They were broken down into
47 -First Class Award
37 – Upper Second Class Award
32 – Lower Second Class Award
16 – Third Class Award
14 – Failed, No Award
8 – Did not participate
Lead researcher for P&PGL Louise Hazan
states, “Despite intense pressures on
university budgets, this year’s results show
how universities are increasingly aware
that going green helps save money and
enhance the quality of education they can
offer their students.”
Top 5
University of Greenwich
With a score of 55 out of 70, University of
Greenwich scored top marks for
environmental policy, environmental
management staff, environmental auditing
and management systems, staff and
student engagement and sustainable food.
Scoring well for the sustainable food
category benefits the students directly as
by buying local they cut the cost on prices
and provide healthy diet options.
University of Plymouth
Scoring 54.5 out of 70, University of
Plymouth performed better in policy than
overall performance, by providing a
curriculum that integrates sustainability
issues with commitment. The university has
also been awarded a HEFCE loan for carbon
reductions, as well as providing over 60%
of the university’s carbon reductions
targets for 2015. They plan to be a carbon
neutral university by 2030.
University of Brighton
Falling behind #2 by only .5 of a point,
University of Brighton scored 54 out of 70,
and also performed better overall in the
policy category. The university’s
Biodiversity Action Plan first implemented in
2009 were actually able to be put into
action in March of this year by planting 300
shrubs and trees!
University of Gloucestershire
University of Gloucestershire scored 53.5
out of 70, again placing a strong focus on
policy. They’ve been awarded £200,000
from the HEFCE for their project ‘Leading
Curriculum Change for Sustainability’ in
October 2010, to cover two years ending
this year in September. The focus is on
processes that will ensure curriculum
development that’s towards sustainability is
up to par with the highest quality in the
Higher Education Sector.
Nottingham Trent University
With impressive figures for the waste &
recycling, they recycle 88.97% of its total
waste! It’s no surprise that Nottingham
Trent University reaches number five with a
score of 53 out of 70. Their focuses is on
food sustainability and were granted the
Silver Food for Life Catering Mark from the
Soil Association for producing over 2000
meals per day that are 90% freshly
prepared with locally sourced and organic
Overall, the awards are to bring to light
excellent projects that not only seek to
better their students, but the planet as
whole. In providing a better environment
for students and their studies, the end result
passes on life skills to the university
graduates that can assist them in many
future situations in the work force or out.
More information:
Source: Hotcourses Nigeria.