Please be informed that the 2011/2012
Second Semester Examinations for Part-time
Students have been scheduled to begin on
Friday, 14th September, 2012. Students are
to note that:
1. Exam passes are to be collected from the
programme office at Mawuko with a
condition that all receipts of school fee
payment, from their first year to date, are
presented before collection of Exam passes.
2. Only full payment of university fees can
qualify a student for collection of exam
pass, and consequently entrance into the
exam hall.
3. Instructions to Candidates on
examination conduct as given below are
Examination Conduct
1. Candidates must wait outside the
examination room until told to enter by an
2. Candidates will ONLY be permitted to
enter up to half an hour after the start of
the examination; a candidate arriving more
than half an hour after the start may be
admitted at the discretion of the Chief
Invigilator. Lateness to exam hall will not be
3. Candidates SHOULD not leave earlier than
half an hour after the start of the
examination nor may they leave during the
last ten minutes of the examination period.
4. At the end of the examination candidates
must remain seated until the invigilators
have collected all the scripts and candidates
are told they may leave. It is the candidate’s
responsibility to ensure that his or her
script is handed to the invigilator.
5. Candidates must be quiet whenentering
or leaving the room during the examination
and must not speak to anyone, other than
an invigilator, between entering the room
and the end of the examination. A candidate
creatinga disturbance may be expelled from
the examination room.
6. A candidate leaving the examination
room, intending to return, must be
accompanied by an invigilator.
7. Bags, briefcases, etc. should notbe taken
into the examination room; candidates
living off campus, who have nowhere to
leave such items safely, may deposit them
outside the examination room as the
invigilators may direct.
8. Candidates should not bring textbooks,
notes or similar aids into the examination
room unlessthis has been specifically
authorised for the examination paper
9. Mobile telephones must be switched off
and left in bags, briefcases etc.
10. Candidates may use only non
programmable calculators in examinations,
or any other model with lower functionality
(i.e. non-programmable, no alphanumeric
memory, no communication devices). Use
of any other type of calculator will
bedeemed exam misconduct, and the
calculator will be confiscated. Phones, IPods,
Bluetooth, and Blackberry are not allowed in
and within examination rooms
11. The attention of candidates is drawn to
the section on exam misconduct in the
Regulations forthe Conduct of Examinations.
Exam misconduct includes communicating
with, or copying from the script of another
candidate or introducing unauthorised
notes, etc. A candidate introducing an
unauthorised aid or copying fromanother
candidate may obtain a mark of zero for the
paper or for the whole set of examinations.
12. It is in a candidate’s interest that
answers are legible; therefore only black,
blue or blue-black ink or biro should be
used except where additional colours may
be needed in diagrams, etc.
13. All rough work must be carried out in
the answer book(s) provided; such work
should be crossed out to distinguish it from
answers to questions. It is an offence to
remove any part of an answer book.
14. No food or drink is permitted in the
examination room except that candidates
may consume sweets and plain water,
provided they do not disturb other
candidates and they remove any litter at the
end of the examination. Smoking is
15. No inscription, jotting or writing on
examination pass (front or back).
16. Photocopy version of examination pass
is not tenable at examination centre.
17. Lost examination pass should be
replaced before examination, subject to
recommendation and identification by
Student Affairs Units.
18. Impersonation is serious exam
misconduct, do not write exam for your