No fewer than 300 indigent
students of Badagry area of
Lagos State benefited from free
General Certificate of Education,
GCE, forms presented by a Lagos
State House of Assembly
member, Mr. Ibrahim Layode
representing Badagry
Constituency I.
The succuor came because most
of the parents have no financial
capability to sponsor their
children’s education as well as
get them all the necessary
requirements to attain their
goals in life.
Harping on the need for students
to be well educated, the
lawmaker said most parents do
not have what it takes to give
their children qualitative
education adding that the
present situation in the country
has also contributed to the
While calling on parents,
guardians and teachers to
devote more time to giving
qualitative education to their
students, he said education must
be seen beyond the ordinary,
rather, it is an emotional aspect
of human beings that should not
be toyed with.