Information Reaching Our Portal
Today is that the University of
Agriculture, Makurdi (UAM) has
been shut down today till
Further notice, this information
was sent to our mail earlier
today, but after series of calls to
pone students in the institution,
we are authoritatively saying
that the educational institution
management board has
reluctantly shut down the
educational institute.
This Riot however, begin in the
early hours of today, being
Tuesday, 18th Of September
2012, when a
A male student was butchered to
death and four other female
student of the University were
molested, this issue listed above
also lead to the death of two of
the female students in Federal
university of Agriculture,
Makurdi, in Nigeria.
In a rage of retaliation to what
has been melted to their fellow
students, the students began
protest and this protest led to
riot with the neighbouring TIV
community near the school.
However, this case didn’t end
there, as the Nigerian police
Force (NPF) have also taken
charge over the University, and
has publicly announced that all
students of the academic
institution are given 3 hours to
vacate the University premises
To cut a long tale short, the
University Of Agriculture has
been closed till further notice
and the currently second
semester examinations is also
suspended since there is no
students to participate in the
We will update you as soon as
we have more update from the
school campus.