An innocuous auto accident which occurred
last Wednesday at the Ekiti State University
(EKSU) escalated into a full blown violence
two days after, which led to the total
crippling of the university, and eventually
led to the indefinite closure of the
The rampaging students completely razed
five cars, one
Toyota bus, the institution’s security van, a
motorcycle; damaged the institution’s
ambulance and vandalised five other cars.
The students also did not spare buildings as
smashed windows of almost all the
buildings on the university campus.
In the confusion, students also looted the
institution’s Teaching and Research Farm on
campus, carting away 3,500 chickens, 75
sheep and rams; 30 pigs, 25 rabbits, 10
goats and 120 crates of eggs.
The EKSU officials on the farm lamented that
the students tore the bags of feeds on the
farm, spilled the contents and used the bags
to cart away their loot.
Students of the institution told newsmen on
Saturday that an accident injured a student,
and that had triggered them to this action.
This is really a sad news and we wonder
what have resulted to this mass reaction
from the students. We will update more as
soon as we are better informed.