With a heart full of sorrow, Myschool®
wishes to announce that four(4) students of
the University of Port Harcourt identified as
Ugonna, Ilyod, Tekana and Chidiaka were
yesterday morning beaten to death by
indegenes of Aluu community for allegedly
stealing phones and laptops in an off
campus hostel. What a horrific, callous,
inhumane, wicked youths at Aluu!!!
Though no one is a fan to stealing (or any
other bad thing) but then, it is quiet
disheartening how some Nigerians have
learnt to take laws into their hands in taking
lives they cannot create. Even Christ said it,
“let he without sin cast the first stone”.
It is one good thing to arrest a thief, but
very bad and unacceptable to kill the thief
without judgement. Who is even sure these
boys were the actual thieves behind the
loss of the phones and laptops?
Information reaching Myschool® said the
killed students (all in their early 20’s) were
brutally beaten until they all gave up the
ghosts, God have mercy!
Nigerians let’s say no to bad thing! May
their souls rest in peace.
A minute silence for them please!!!