Minister of state for education,
Ezenwo Wike said it is
‘unfortunate’ that the country
still has up to 40 million illiterate
Speaking at a stakeholders
meeting of the National Mass
Literacy Campaign in Abuja, Wike
said: “It is unfortunate that after
fifty years of independence,
Nigeria still has over 40 million
people who are illiterate.”
The campaign–the first-ever
launch in 20 years by the
National Commission for Mass
Literacy, Adult and Non-Formal
Education (NMEC)–aims to teach
at least 10 million adult Nigerians
every year to read and write,
using thousands of facilitators.
Wike called for support to enable
the mass literacy programmes
reach all states and local
government areas nationwide,
targeting an estimated 46% of
Nigerians considered illiterate,
more than half of them women
and girls.