The Chancellor, Convenat
University, Ota, Ogun State,
Bishop David Oyedepo on
Wednesday said that Nigeria’s
leaders must be decisive in order
to steer the country out of its
current crisis.
Speaking at the world press
conference to mark the 10th
anniversary of the university,
Oyedepo advises reorientation
of leadership.
“Nigeria needs a complete
overhaul. We have leaders who
are schooled but not educated
on the values of life. There
should be reorientation of
“Moral decadence has eaten
deep into the fabrics of our
society. Our nation needs a
complete overhaul.”
Bishop Oyedepo while reacting
to the mob killing of four
university students in Aluu,
Rivers State, described the
manner the students were killed
as inhuman.
“Very soon, people will start
eating up themselves. The whole
chaos shows the level of
insecurity in our nation.
“Our leaders need to wake up.
Nothing works in this nation
except politics.
“People want to gain political
appointments. They care less
about the people and more
about themselves. This has now
provoked restiveness in our
“It will take the grace of God for
us to deal with the moral
decadence eating our society.”
Oyedepo also urged parents not
to hesitate to give their children
good education. He said he had a
vision to build four universities
in Nigeria and three others in
selected African countries before
the end of 2013. Oyedepo
currently has two universities in