Senate Committee on Education
on Wednesday clears Prof. B.C.E
Egboka, Vice-Chancellor, Nnamdi
Azikiwe University Awka of
Fraud allegations labelled against
Sen Uche chukwumerije who is
the head of the committee was
in Unizik on Wednesday with his
members to inspect completed
and ongoing projects.
Sen. Uche who said after
investigation of the allegation,
his team found it to be false and
saw it as a way by the faceless
petitioners to disrupt the
institution Academic activities.
It would be recalled that few
months ago some
faceless&nameless persons
wrote to the EFCC accusing Prof.
Egobka of misappropriation of
funds, nepotism, favoritism,
inflating contracts price amongst
Sen Uche after investigated said
“he is satisfied with the projects
and level of development in
In his remark Prof. Egboka
thanked the committee and
asked the FG to increase the
University allocation in order to
complete projects.