The Federal University of Technology in
readiness for the 2012/2013 academic
session scheduled to kick-off by tomorrow
here presents to her students the run-down
of activities for this session.
The academic year which will commence
November 2nd starting with registration of
new students into the Harmattan semester
has been detailed below;
November 2th – Arrival Of New Student
November 5th – Registration Of New
student Begins
November 11th – Old Students come into
November 12th – Orientation program/
Registration Of Old students
November 30th – End Of Registration Of
New students
December 7th – End Of Registration Of Old
Dec. 7th-8th – Convocation
Dec. 15th – Matriculation
Dec. 22th-Jan. 4 – Christmas & New year
March 4th – Harmattan Semester Exams
Mar. 4th,11th&18th – Harmattan Semester
Exams Begins And Ends On the 23rd
Mar. 25th-April 13th – Harmattan Break
April 14th – Rain Semester Begins
July 8th – Revision
July 15th – Rain Semester Exams Begins
July 27th – Rain Semester Ends
July 29th-October 4th – Long Vacation
October 5th – 2013/2014 Academic Section
Share this with your friends who ordinarily
believed that FUTO was as it used to be. This
time around, the management is out to file
penalties to who deserves it in failure to
resume school as announced.