More than 80% of intending JAMBites in
Nigeria have been thrown into deep fears
of the unknown since the Official statement
by JAMB to introduce Computer Based Test
(CBT) for 2013 UTME. But come to think of it,
do you have to be afraid?
Computer Based Test are simple and
questions asked are often simpler than the
usual Pen and Paper Test (PPT). The only
problem with CBT is that our students are
not used to the computer environment and
Now imagine having a simulated CBT
software installed in your home computer
or personal laptop, and have the children (all
JAMBites in the house) use it and play
around with questions. That is what Nigeria
needs. Such children that have this
opportunity will score wonderfully in JAMB.
How does it work?
1. The CBT practice software is simpler than
a video game, but very addictive to use.
2. It installs on any computer window
(desktop or laptop).
3. Upon login, users will be prompted to
choose subjects.
4. Users can also set a time limit for the
particular study year (50 questions per
subject, 100 for English).
6. The program contain well solved JAMB
past question from 1978 to 2012 inside.
7. Students can play around with the
questions and the system will provide their
scores at the end of a section.
8. The program gives you a detailed
analysis of your answers, and advices you
on the next one.
9. When you are tired on a particular time,
you close the window and continue next
10. etc.
Myschool is a blessing to Nigerian students!
Imagine knowing the answers to all JAMB
questions stored in your head like a game.
Now tell us why you cannot score 300 in
JAMB CBT this year!
All you need is request for the software.
Available in soft-copies (downloadable from
this website) and hard copies (in CDs). Check
back by next week. Meanwhile share the
good news with your friends, family and
even your enemies!