It is a fact that about 70% of admission seekers
in Nigeria get frustrated annually with over
40% of the failures starting from UTME. You will
be among the successful ones this year if only
you can take action now.
Whether you choose the usual Pen and Pencil
Test (PPT), or the newly introduced Computer
Based Test (CBT) is not the problem. If you fail
JAMB this year, blame yourself alone.
We have done our best, the rest of the job is
Do you know that…
1. Population of JAMBites increase considerably
every year? To prove this read number 3 & 4
3. Population of JAMBites increased from
868,000 in 2005 to 1,503,889 in 2012? (i.e about
73% in 7 years)!
4. JAMB admitted only about 150,000 (i.e 17% in
2005) and less than 500,000 (i.e 33% in 2012)?
5. To get a merit admission this year you have
to score about 250+ in major courses?
6. Scoring 250+ in JAMB does NOT depend on how
academically sound you are BUT how informed
you are?
7. You can choose to pass well or fail in this 2013
8. Only N2,000 + determination can guarantee
you a legal admission than lobby for it illegally
with 100’s of 1000’s of naira?
If you know all these, then act fast! Otherwise
you would be blaming yourself and no one else
by this time next year.
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1. Well-solved and explained JAMB past
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Why we recommend this package for you
1. Because we know YOU NEED IT to succeed this
2. With this CBT software; ALL JAMB QUESTIONS,
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3. Because we want to PREPARE you for the task
4. Because we want your parents to be proud of
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5. Most importantly because we DON’T want you
to WRITE JAMB AGAIN after this 2013.
Now what are you waiting for, and why let
indecision get hold of you? We wish you good
luck this year.