Application for on-campus accommodation
(Hostel) in the University of Lagos is ongoing at
the school online hostel application website.
The following guidelines are conditions for this
application, clicking on “OK” means that this
conditions have been read and understood and
will be strictly adhered to.
1. There will be no extension of dates for the
2. There will be no excuses for late applications,
payments and clearance.
3. Any student caught doing dubious
transactions with their hostel allocations, will
have to forfeit their spaces.
4. Students cannot take allocations in 2 hostels
at the same time (i.e Emerald court and campus
5. Transference and Sales of Bed space is illegal
and violators shall face the disciplinary
6. No Student should sell his or her bed space.
7. All complains should be brought to the proper
authorities by all authorized channels.
To apply online, click here and further click on
“Freshers” to proceed.