The Bayelsa State Scholarship Board was
established by an edict of the Bayelsa State
House of Assembly/ Parliament and signed into
law by the then State Governor, Chief Diepreye
S. P. Alameyeseigha on May 21,2003.
How to Apply for this scholarship
All interested applicants should:
1. Write a Motivational Essay of not more than
one thousand (1000) words in his or her own
freehand (hand written), scan and save it on
your desktop or flash drive in readiness for
attachment, when he or she is required to
upload it.
2. Scan all needed and relevant documents,
evidencing who the applicant is, and save same
on the desktop or flash drive in readiness for
attachment, when he or she is required to
upload it.
3. Visit the website of the Bayelsa State
Scholarship Board (BSB) –
and go to the Application Portal.
4. Finally, apply and attach all relevant
documents and submit.
Important Notes:
i. If you are unable to finish the application
form in one sitting, do not worry. You still have
an opportunity to complete the application from
wherever you have stopped, at a later time.
ii. However, please note that the closing date of
the Application and buckle up to complete and
submit it.
iii. Online Application is compulsory for all
Applicants, including those applicants,who had
earlier submitted manual/hard copies to the
Scholarship Board.
iv. The Scholarship Board has deployed
Electronic Scholarship Management System
v. It is therefore necessary/compulsory for all
applicants to comply.
vi. Only applications for Scholarship which has
submitted online shall be considered, processed
and forwarded to the relevant State
Government Authorities for Approval.
Additional Requirements for Online
– Passport Photograph of not more than 300kb
– Birth Certificate
– International Passport (Optional)
– Voter’s Registration Card (optional)
– Local Government Identification Letter
– O Level Certificate
– Advance Level Certificate
– Jamb Certificate/score
– Certificate of Completion of Study/Program
(Higher institution; e.g BSc, HND, etc)
– NYSC certificate (optional)
– Certificate of Professional Organization you
belong to.
– Employment Document (Payslip/Appointment
– Motivational (Hand-written) Words of not less
than 1000 words (Compulsory)
If you have experienced any difficulties with
filling a form before, do well to clear your
system CACHE before proceeding with the
application. Click here to apply.
Good luck.