The Federal university of Technology will
officially resume this morning (November 12th,
2012) for all students into her 2012/2013
academic year.
Although the academic calender of the
university is already running, the management
had allowed a one week period for the first
year students to start-off registration activities
before the older ones return. The allowable one
week expires today and thus all students
between 200L to 500L (plus extra years) are
expected to return today.
Also note that orientation of new students starts
today as contained in the school official
academic calender published at [ FUTO Academic
calender for 2012/2013 session]
The management WARNED that course
registrations and school fee payment must be
done on or before December 7th, any student
who failed to register within the stipulated time
will not see result at the end of the semester/
Note that FUTO 2nd (Supplementary Admission
list has now been released. Click here to check
FUTO has changed, it’s no longer a situation
where students decide when to come back. The
choice is yours!