The illegal programme which is operated at the
Junior Secondary School, Area 10, Abuja, was
sealed on Saturday with the help of some
armedpolicemen who accompanied the NUC
Committee on Closure of Illegal Universities to
the venue.
The police also arrested the Coordinator of the
Part-Time programme, Mr. A. C Odunze, who
tried to run away when he saw the policemen.
A visiting Professor to the NUC and the Chairman
of the Committee on Closure of Illegal
Universities who was part of the sealing,
AdebisiBalogun, also gave a graphic detail of
the incident and how it was carried out.
He said, “You saw that most of the lecturers by
the time we came in ran out of the classrooms.
The said coordinator has been caught and he is
in police net. They are running an illegal
On many occasions, the NUC has placed
advertorials on illegal part-time programmes
and some of the universities that are running
those programmes; the NUC had talked to them.
“But unfortunately, the illegality still persists
and this is one of the illegal outfits. This outfit is
in conjunction with the Imo State University.
There are regulations governing the
establishment of part-time and affiliated
programmes. And they are running so many
programmes here that have not been approved
by the NUC.
“You can see the type of environment where
they carry out the illegality. This is not a
conducive environment for learning. We once
met the coordinator and told him that the
programme had been abolished. But the
information we had still showed that they were
running the part-time programme.
“Having given the Imo State University several
warnings, this programme is cancelled and the
VC of Imo State University will be summoned to
answer various questions. We are going to
allowthe law to take its course. The coordinator
was running away when we arrested him and
took him to the police station.
“They had assured the students that the
programmes they were running were legal,
unfortunately it is a way of defrauding
membersof the public. They have been able to
deceive many people, collected money from
them and even the students themselves were
running when we got here and refused to listen
to the appropriate authorities over the illegal
programmes they are running.
“That is what the NUC has been saying, if you go
and patronise an illegal outfit, your certificate
is illegal, because at the end of the day, this
certificate will still be verified by the NUC. And
if NUC cannot verify your certificate, even
after spending five to six years for a
programme, then of course there is a problem.
You can never use that certificate.
“Some of the students listened to us while others
felt they had been here for the past five to six
years and they deserve to get a certificate. Yes
they deserve to get a certificate from the
programme they have subscribed to, but
whether this programme is legal or illegal is left
for the coordinator of the Imo State University
and NUC to decide. And NUC is now saying that
the programme is illegal.”
Some of the students who spoke to journalists
expressed disappointment over the development
and vowed to see to the end of thematter. They
added that they could not just waste their
money and time.
One of them, Mr. Aye Ayeni said, “The
coordinator kept telling us that the programme
is legal and that the NUC is aware of the part-
time programme. I have spent five years on this
programme and I am not ready to let go just
like that. I will see to the end of this.”
Meanwhile, the coordinator of the programme,
Odunze, according to the police, will be in
custody until the issue is resolved.
Also, One Concept College London situated in
Gwarinpa area in Abuja, was shut down by NUC
for illegal activities and the coordinator, Mr.
Marcel Ezenwoye, was handed over to the
policefor appropriate action.
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