The National Universities
Commission (NUC)
Accreditation Team to the
University’s College of
Engineering (COLENG) has
commended the Management
for maintaining stipulated
quota, in terms of students’
population in the College.
The Head of the team, Engr.
(Prof.) Joseph Afolayan gave
the commendation in his
remarks at a wrap-up session
with the University
Management, on Wednesday.
The Team Leader noted that
unlike most Engineering
Faculties and Colleges in the
nation’s tertiary institutions,
FUNAAB has uniquely and
enviably complied with the
stipulated quota of having
very few students in its
College of Engineering.
According to him, “The
population of students you
have in your College of
Engineering is a plus to this
University. How you‘ve been
able to do that we don’t know.
How you have been able to pin
down the students’ population
you have annually is very
“This is simply because in
other Engineering Faculties we
visited, the population per
level is a minimum of 100 but
you have been working 40, this
is excellent”, he added.
He pointed out that this has
not only engendered conducive
atmosphere for learning,
better still, it has fostered a
cordial relationship between
students of the College and
their Lecturers, as well as the
entire staff, at large.
Engr. (Prof.) Afolayan also
lauded the operation of the
University ‘Nimbe Adedipe
Library stating, “We were at
the University Library and
what we saw there, especially
the e-Library session is quite
The University Don also
disclosed that his team was
highly impressed with the
aesthetic and serenity of the
According to him, “your
environment is very glittering
and welcoming, right from the
gate to the College, the
landscape is beautiful,
alluring and inviting”.
Engr. (Prof.) Afolayan
attributed the feat to the
“dynamic leadership” of the
Professor Olusola Bandele
Oyewole led Management; “The
leadership here is a very
dynamic one and this has
reflected on the atmosphere on
the campus. The leadership
here is progressive, proactive
and dynamic”.
Engr. (Prof.) Afolayan,
however, challenged the
Management on the urgent
need to improve the lots of the
College of Engineering
(COLENG) in the area of
staffing, capacity building,
provision of equipments, books
and journals among others.
According to him, “the exercise
is for improvements, no matter
how much you have done, there
is always room for
He pointed out that
accreditation of programmes
in the Nation’s Ivory Towers is
not to witch-hunt any
institution, adding that it is a
peer review exercise, geared
towards enhancing service
Responding, the Vice-
Chancellor, Professor Olusola
Bandele Oyewole commended
the team for it doggedness
saying, “we know how
strenuous accreditation can be
and for you to arrive on Sunday
and being able to complete the
assignment in such a short
time, it means you have put in
a lot of efforts. I want to
commend you for the good job
you have done”.
Responding to issues raised by
the team, the Vice-Chancellor,
who was represented by the
Deputy Vice-Chancellor,
Academic, Professor Toyin
Arowolo expressed joy that the
University is already
addressing most of them.
Commenting on the issue of
office accommodation for
staff, Prof. Oyewole said, “As
for staff office, we are aware
of it, and of course, I know the
drawing for College of
Engineering is ready. The
University is going to focus in
the next three years on
building the College of
“The Vice-Chancellor has
already assured of that. He
has even directed the Dean of
College of Engineering to meet
with the Director of Physical
Planning, so as to expedite
action on it”, he added.
On student population, Prof.
Oyewole said “what we are told
is that COREN insists that
Engineering students should
not be more than 30 and we
have been complying with
COREN directive.
“We all know the advantages
of having a small class of
students. For one, you will be
able to communicate
effectively; you will be able to
monitor your students. You
can even know the names of all
the students here in FUNAAB,
we don’t joke with Engineering
we train and train our students
With the spate of collapsed
buildings now in the country,
we don’t want our products to
be involved in that mess.