The Federal University of
Technology, Owerri (FUTO)
will officially re-open on the
2nd of November. Detailed
schedule for the session as
shown below;
-Fresh students come into
residence – 2nd November 2012.
-Registration of fresh
students begins – 5th
November 2012
-Old students come into
residence- 11th November 2012
-Registration of old students
and orientation programme for
fresh students – 12th
November 2012
-Lectures start- 19th
November 2012
Students can start paying fees
as stipulated in the
procedure/ postal Guidelines
below, from Tuesday 30th
October 2012.
Deadline for registration of
* Fresh students is 30th
November 2012
* Old students is 7th December
After the deadline, the
eduportal will automatically
apply late registration fees.
Please download procedure/
portal guidelines for;
* Freshmen registration, click
* Returning students, click
Note that this information has
been verified by Myschool and
confirmed to be true. An
excerpt of this can be found in
FUTO official website.
We wish all FUTOites happy
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