ABU SBRS 2012-2013 admission list for basic & remedial
programmes in the Ahmadu Bello University is out.
To check, go to http://www.sbrsabu.org.
Registration starts from Thursday 3rd January to 17th January
2013. However you will have to present your original:-
(1) 0′ or A’ level result
(2) Primary school leaving certificate
(3) Local government indigene certificate
(4) Birth certificate or declaration of age
(5) Application form or examination slip
(6) 4 recent coloured passports.
And finally pay a non-refundable school fees (N63,900 for
remedial program and N57,900 for basic).
NOTE: Lecture commences on 7th January and if a student fails to
register within the stipulated time, he/she should consider his/her
admission forfeited.
Good luck and compliments of the season!