Note that:
The deadline for old students’ Registration is 7th December,
2012, after which the Portal will automatically apply late
Registration fee.
Below are detailed steps involved in paying school fees and
registering courses online in the school students’ portal for all
levels in the university, a summarized version of contents from
the FUTO official website. Make sure to carefully take note of the
steps outlined here, or print this page out if necessary.
How to I pay Myschool fees?
Paying school fees is rather easy than you think. See help below.
#1: First of all discover the bank your level/department/faculty is
meant to pay their fees. Click here for help.
#2: Go to the bank with your registration number, full name,
department and level of study and pay the specified amount.
(Note; additional N500 bank charges apply).
#3: Obtain an e-transact print out, which contains your (1) Receipt
No. and (2) Confirmation order. Then proceed to #4 below.
#4: Log on to, click on “FUTO Portal” to
navigate to the student session. The enter your username &
password (as given to you in your department or ICT). And
#5: After logging in, look at the left side panel and click on the
“Fees” menu;
#6: On the Fees page, scroll down and click on the “PAY FEES”
#7: By default, eTranzact payment option is selected, click on the
“CONTINUE” button;
#8: Enter your Pin and Receipt Number and click on the “SUBMIT”
button; You will be notified if your transaction was successful or
#9: Return to the Fees page by clicking on the “FEES” menu on the
left side panel;
#10: Scroll down and click on the “PRINT RECEIPT” button to
generate your school fees receipt;
1. The printed receipt allows you into Test and examination halls.
2. Registering your payment in the portal is a crucial step you
must take so that your name will be listed as a current FUTO
student, you can do your online registration and your result can
be posted on line.
How to do online course registration on FUTO website
Warning!!! Before course registration online, visit your Class
Adviser to confirm the list of courses you are supposed to
register. Then follow the steps below:
Step1: Log-into the portal with your username and password;
Step2: Click on the “Course Registration” menu;
Step3: Select your level and semester(s) as necessary;
Step4: Select the approved courses to be registered for and click
on the “Register Selected Courses” button. If you want to
unregister a course, select it, and click on the “Unregister Selected
Courses” button;
Step5: Go to the STUDENT DASHBOARD, Click on the PRINT
course Registration Slip; and
After the steps above, make sure to send a copy of the Course
Registration Slip to your Class Adviser to endorse.
The deadline for old students’ Registration is 7th December,
2012, after which the Portal will automatically apply late
Registration fee.
Written by: Wilfred Okwudili, ccfr. Current MTN Foundation
Scholarship Award holder, and first students consultant, Nigeria.