So unfortunate! Many students are hungry for a “sharp brain”.
Yet they are too busy to take time and read articles like this.
Hope you are not one of them!
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Today I’m here again to disclose to you some tips that will help
you “sharpen your mental abilities”, especially while studying/
reading. Are you ready? Okay, let’s do it…
Sharp mindedness means the quickness of a person to interpret,
understand, analyse, or pick up an idea adequately. It is a quality
that enables you to find a solution to a problem very quickly or
answer a question very quickly or learn very quickly. A person
with sharp brain is a keen and quick observer. He has also a go
creativity power. He has good memory to remember things for
long time. Sharp mindedness is necessary in every sphere of life.
As a student, you need to learn things quickly and properly to
avoid wastage of time. Similarly in exam you need to reproduce
ideas (what you have learnt while your preparation) in paper very
quickly to complete the paper in time. A sharp minded student
takes comparatively less time to learn a chapter than a blunt
minded student.
Some people have this quality as in-born quality while others have
to develop this quality by practice.
There many ways to sharpen your brain, some of which I will
share with you right now as follows;
Brain Exercise: Use your brain more and more
Like other parts, the brain also becomes more powerful by
exercising brain. Exercising brain means using it more and more.
Generally brain is involved in every work we do but there are
some works in which we have to brain, thinking power, mental
analysing power and all our mental capabilities, such works can
contribute in exercising our brains.
For instance, a product maker is in a situation when he thinks how
to minimise the cost of making a product as well as maximise the
quality of product. He will have to think more and more, use his
brain to find the solution which indirectly exercise his brain as well.
Similarly we can produce such situations or involve ourselves in
such situations to exercise our brain. In the beginning, we will face
difficulties in such brain exercise but with passage of time it will
become very easy as we develop brain’s sharpness by exercising
our brain.
Mental capability or thinking power can be enhanced by using
brain in the same way. Brain exercises sharpen our brain. Try
mental exercise daily. It sharpens your mind. It strengthens neural
connections in your brain. Now think what are a brain exercises or
such situations which exercise our situation? It can be a simple
task like “Essay writing on a topic”, in which we have use our
brain to collect ideas about the topic and use brain to present ideas
in a proper way for the reader. We take a paper and write all the
idea that we know about the topic. We may know 10 to 15 topics
very easily then we start thinking (brain exercise) to find more and
ideas about the topic. If we write such essays daily, it can exercise
our brain to sharpen it.
There are different activities which involve brain work and flourish
the power of your brain.
A. Playing games like chess, scrabble, and many others
B. Solving numerical problems, or puzzles and quizzes
C. Trying out tricky situations usually given in magazines and
D. Making some difficult charts and tables, daily
E. Studying difficult topics and trying to learn it and gain
command on it.
F. Writing essays on different topics, daily.
The above activities are brain exercises. If you do such activities
daily, it slowly and gradually increases your mental capability.
Brain sharpening is not possible in one day. It needs daily brain
exercise and within few days you feel the change. Trust me, it
Permit me to stop this part1 here. I will pick up next on “Critical
thinking” as a second method of sharpening your brain, and
thereafter I will talk about “Nutrients to the brain”, and so much
more. Stay tuned so you won’t miss any of these.
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Written by: Wilfred Okwudili, ccfr. A Current MTN Foundation
Scholarship Award holder, and first students consultant, Nigeria.